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Filial Piety Funeral Services is a Singapore based funeral service provider that has served the Singapore community for more than over 30 years. Under the leadership of our experienced funeral directors, Filial Piety Funeral Services has grown into one of the most respected and sought-after funeral care providers in all of Singapore. 

Through his years of experience in the industry, Jonathan has mastered every aspect in relation to the funeral industry (from funeral ceremonies for any religion, engraving marble plaques and urns, burials, exhumation, to even designing and installing tombstones). Being fortunate enough to learn from various masters who are at the top of their field, this has armed Jonathan with knowledge and experience that most funeral directors can only dream of. 


We are proud to say that Filial Piety Funeral Services is truly a one stop shop for all your funeral needs. Our funerary services are designed to give you everything you need under one roof, from the time of death to installing marble plaques or tombstones for burial. Rather than having to deal with multiple providers or contractors. That is why you can never find another funeral company in Singapore that is able to offer such quality services at our prices. You can be rest assured that our services are reliable and affordable with families always being grateful that they have engaged our services. (take a look at our testimonials). Feel free to give us a call at +65 8836 1960 for free non-obligatory consultation.

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Our mission

Filial Piety Funeral Services' main purpose is creating memorable experiences and helping families get closure of their loved one's departure. We believe strongly in the virtue of filial piety and as many of times, some do not know how to express it and we aim to help them.


As many of times, a funeral happens so quickly that families don't even have time for closure as the whole process feels very rushed. When everything is over, they still have to continue their daily lives while having to emotionally cope with their loss. After many years of experience and dealing with families in the funeral industry, Filial Piety Funeral Services have developed a unique way to better help individual family members come to closure with the loss of their loved one through a ritual which is a healing process at the funeral service. We believe that a funeral is for the departed and also the ones who are left behind. 


Overspending at a funeral has been underlying issue as there are many components to a funeral. Planning on how to allocate your finances might seem overwhelming and in many cases, families end up spending more than what they can afford while believing that it is normal to do so. However, it is not and Filial Piety Funeral Service's wants to prevent it by developing a system called "THE 3 ASPECTS" to guide families in allocating their finances for the funeral by categorising all components of a funeral into 3 separate segments. 


This will help families be able to focus on the aspects that are important first before the rest. It is advisable that priority of the finances should be allocated in the order of :

Dearly Departed and Family Members > Guests > Added Services

However, it is up to individual families to decide in which aspect they would like to prioritise as every one wants different things out of a funeral.


All funeral consultants in Filial Piety Funeral Services have been trained to educate and guide family members in THE 3 ASPECTS when choosing and customising their funeral packages. In that way, we are able to help families fully utilise their resources through segmentation without overspending and be more satisfied.

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