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Filial Piety Funeral Service's 'Singapore Taoist Funeral Package' has all the essentials necessary to conduct a Taoist Funeral in Singapore. However, the prices of our packages starts from $8180 and varies depending on the dialect. We have different packages that are tailored to meet each family's specific needs as we believe that every family has a different approach towards funerals and will be able to work out what best suits you.

Our staffs have over 30 years of experience and are very familiar with the Taoist Funeral Rites. They will be able to make sure that the whole funeral process goes smoothly as according to tradition. 


Being known by many Singaporeans as one of the most reliable and experienced Taoist Funeral Planners in Singapore, It is our aim to provide you with the best service for the best price. 

We also have our own Manufacturing facilities for  Columbarium Marble Plaque, Urns and Tombstones. As we are one of the leading supplies of Marble Plaques, Urns and Tombstones for the funeral industry in Singapore.

Please call us now so that we can help you with any questions and doubts you might have and let us settle all the tedious processes while you spend your time with your family.

" Life is going forth;

        Death is returning home "

Premium Polished Casket

  • ​A premium, imported, well furnished casket with half glass for viewing (various colour options) 

  • Pillowcase and Pillow

  • White Pearl for the Deceased

Collection of dearly departed and Embalming Services

  • Funeral director's guidance through the various processes such as obtaining the death certificate and nessary permits so as to make the tedious process a hassle free one

  • 24/7 attention will be given to the family members regarding any issues or questions they might face

  • Transport of loved one to our in-house embalming parlour 

  • A professional embalming and makeup service by a qualified professional female embalmer

Setup of funeral wake and memorial hall  

  • 3 sided Void Deck Tentage 

  • Carpet flooring & Valance curtain with ceiling lining in Casket area

  • Premium Taoist-themed backdrop (Traditional or Modern)

  • Memorial Altar with Offerings 

  • Fifteen (15) square tables.

  • Ten (10) roundtables.

  • One Hundred (100) plastic chairs. 

  • Two (2) air conditioned coolers at altar

  • Six (6) fans to be placed at venue 

  • 1 photo setup (enlarged photo and wooden frame) (10” by 12”) 

  • 6 Passport Sized Photos

  • Floral wreath of 11″ by 13″ 

  • Fresh flowers bouquets 

  • Donation Collection Safe and Funeral Donation Registration Book 

  • Reception Table 

  • Funeral Notice at Funeral wake 

  • Paper Lantern with inscription of Deceased's information 

  • Mobile Toilet

Paper Products for Ritual 


  • 6ft Handmade Paper House 

  • Mountains of gold and silver on both sides

  • Paper Servants (Golden Boy/Jade Girl)

  • Lantern for carrying the Deceased's Soul


Taoist Priest Chanting Rituals

3 prayer services by respected Taoist Priest

  • Enconffinment of beloved one 

  • Final night of the wake 

  • Funeral day and location of cremation/burial 

Funeral day

  • Pallbeaers to guide family through the funeral process (encoffinment and funeral day) 

  • Mandai Cremation Registration Process 

  • Air-conditioned bus for 50 pax (2-way) 

  • Ash collection service 

  • Cleansing flower water on Funeral Day

  • Readily folded small towel gift sets with coins

  • Funeral Glass hearse 

*To prevent cases of overcharging, families are charged only the items they used. Such non-inclusive items are : 

  • Drinks, White T-shirts and pants, snacks, food catering, etc.

3 Days - $8180

As many of times, families are unsure of what to do after a funeral ...

Not to worry, Filial Piety Funeral Services do provide families with Post Funeral Customary Advice as to ensure that families understand what needs to be done even after the funeral process.

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