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Exhumation services singapore

In 1998, Singapore government introduced a New Burial Policy that limits burial to 15 years to address the issue of land scarcity Singapore is facing. After 15 years, graves will be exhumed and the remains will be cremated or re-interred depending on one’s religious requirements.

Filial Piety Funeral Services provides comprehensive grave exhumation services that handles everything. Give us a call now for free and non-obligatory consultation. We are available 24/7, ready to guide.

Exhumation Services Singapore

Filial Piety Funeral Services’ comprehensive grave exhumation services includes: 


  • Registration for exhumation service

  • Site Surveying to determine chances of recovery

  • Choosing of auspicious date and time

  • Ground breaking ceremony/religious ritual arrangement 

  • Actual exhumation process

  • Clearing of tomb’s debris

  • Cremation of remains

  • Transportation and delivery of cremated remains

  • Urn and Marble Plaque services

After the process of grave exhumation should the families choose to cremate the remains and store the ashes at the columbarium, at Filial Piety Funeral Services we have a wide range of urns available to choose from. We also have our team of designers to fully customise the marble plaque to any design or retain the traditional  design according to the wish of the family.


Sea burial can also be arranged by us, Filial Piety Funeral Services, if the families of the deceased choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes at sea.

Call us at +65 8836 1960 to know more!

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