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Funeral guide


when death occurs

  1. Call Filial Piety Funeral Services at +65 8836 1960. Our funeral director will come down and guide you through the whole process.

  2. Obtain Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) and Death Certificate, prepare 1 photo and a set of clothing for the loved one. If you have any enquires about obtaining the certificates, our funeral director will assist and guide you.

  3. Loved one will be taken in by Filial Piety Funeral Services for bathing, embalming, dressing and make-up.

  4. Our funeral director will customise the funeral to suit your needs while guiding your through the whole funeral process.


wake process

  1. Staffs from Filial Piety Funeral Services will be setting up and making sure things are in order at the wake location while family members will gather to welcome their loved one.

  2. Depending on the religion of the funeral, monk/priest/pastor, will arrive at the wake location to conduct prayers or rites. Funeral director and staffs from Filial Piety Funeral Services will be present to facilitate the whole process.

  3. Prayers will be conducted on the last night of the wake by either the monk/priest/pastor. Family member to follow the practices of the religion throughout the wake.


Funeral Day

  1. On Funeral Day, funeral director and staffs from Filial Piety Funeral Services will be at the wake to guide family members and guests. Before the sending off of the loved one, prayers will be conducted. 

  2. Loved one will then be sent off to the cremation/burial location in a hearse while followed by the family members in the air-conditioned bus provided.

  3. After arriving at the cremation/burial location, final prayers will be conducted before family members being ferried back to the wake's location.


post funeral

  1. Funeral Director will guide and assist family members in ash collection and prayer process at the columbarium.

  2. Filial Piety Funeral Services also provide families with Post Funeral Customary Advice as to ensure that families understand what needs to be done even after the funeral process.

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